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Dr. Kara MD

We are a health and lifestyle company driven to provide customers with cutting edge health products at a fantastic value.  Customer service and surpassing expectations are core values at KaraMD®.

Our company founder, Dr. Kara is a innovator of Progressive & Functional Medicine.  He has been a physician For 30 years and had the privilege of launching his career in medicine by training at one of the most prestigious heart and cancer hospitals in the country, The Cleveland Clinic.

KaraMD® was born from his desire to educate people on all natural remedies and daily health supplement routines that can easily be followed to help lead a healthier life.  He began studying and developing his own all natural formulas. For years now Dr. Kara is proud to be providing these products to his patients and customers of KaraMD®

KaraMD Revive Reds | Doctor Formulated Concentrated Polyphenol Energy Blend
KaraMD UltraBeets | Doctor Formulated Beets Superfood Powder
KaraMD Lectin Guard | Doctor Formulated Natural & Concentrated Lectin Blocker Digestive Blend Supplement