KaraMD® PreBio Complete

PreBio Complete is a Doctor created prebiotic AND probiotic blend that packs natural sources of fiber and healthy probiotics in each scoop. It’s specifically designed to help you regain your natural energy and provide you with the natural gut health you need. The powerful ingredients found in PreBio Complete are there to assist your body in its natural processes so you feel better throughout the day. This was designed to give you a superb health product you deserve at a price you can afford.

Some reasons we’re the best:

  • Doctor Formulated
  • 3+ Grams of Prebiotic Fiber per serving
  • Gut Friendly Probiotics
  • Affordable
  • 90 Day Guarantee
  • Manufactured in a US FDA Registered Facility


A Message From Dr Kara

KaraMD® PreBio Complete” Supplementing your diet with pre and probiotics in this day and age is especially important given the nutrient deficient, antibiotic laced foods currently available in most markets. Even better would be to take a product that already has an appropriate balance of pre and probiotics. “

PreBio Complete is a new and improved gut health product that unlike most others combines a prebiotic AND a probiotic in one.

Dr Kara strongly feels that the best way to support your gut microbiome is to give it a prebiotic derived from whole food fiber AND a probiotic derived from micro-organisms specifically known to increase and support your gut’s “friendly organisms”.

The Gut Microbiome

The human microbiome is a massive and diverse community of organisms that inhabit your entire body. These interact intimately with many of the body’s defense and hormone regulatory functions. There are actually four microbiomes that are very important to a stable immune (and possibly endocrine) system, namely skin, oral, gut, and vaginal. Essentially a diverse microbiome is critical for human health and well being and the gut microbiome is arguably the most important one.

How To Keep Your Microbiome In Balance

There are several things you should do to help promote and maintain a healthy microbiome. Some of these include.

      • A diet rich in fiber.
      • Stress reduction.
      • Supplement your diet with a prebiotic made from whole foods.
      • Supplement your diet with a probiotic that has multiple strains in sufficient quantities.



Simply mix one teaspoon of PreBio Complete with a glass of water or your favorite beverage each morning. It has a delicious taste and because it’s a liquid, it will be absorbed much faster into your system than traditional capsules.