Concentrated Polyphenols. Anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant & antiageing. Why - Energy, Digestive Issues, Over Active Immune System, Inflammation, Antiageing

Revive Red

Revive Reds is a specially designed polyphenol blend. It is a highly concentrated combination of some of the worlds most well known nutrients. Trying to get this amount of all of these nutrients on a daily basis would be very difficult, but with Revive Reds – it’s can be done in a few seconds.

Simply mix one teaspoon of Revive Reds with a glass of water or your favorite beverage each morning. It has a delicious berry taste and because it’s a liquid, it will be absorbed much faster into your system than traditional capsules. Revive Reds will provide essential nutrients your body craves to help stay healthy and feeling great over time!

What Polyphenols Help With?

Polyphenols are natural energy boosters.

They are phytonutrients that have antioxidant properties and are mainly found in plants.

As an antioxidant they help to protect the cells in your body from free radical damage. Free radical damage is a major culprit in your bodies aging process.

Just one Polyphenol-Rich ingredient in Revive Reds has been proven to help:

  • Promote Fat Oxidation
  • Effectively Breakdown Giant Lipids into Triglycerides and Fatty Acids
  • Naturally Increase Energy Levels

Do I need Polyphenols?

The Answer is an astounding YES!

Unfortunately getting a large amount of polyphenols everyday can be difficult and expensive. I believe this is why so many suffer from the daily fatigue and low energy levels we battle each day.

Boosting polyphenols has helped me, it’s helped my patients, and I sincerely believe it will help you maintain better natural energy levels!

Introducing Revive Reds


After many years helping my patients with the daily battle of fatigue and low energy levels I have finally developed a formula I believe to be the solution!
Nutrients such as green tea extract – a great source of polyphenols – help promote fat oxidationand have been scientifically proven to increase your energy.
This is the power of just one ingredient. Imagine what 25+ sources of polyphenol-rich ingredients will do!


Over 25 Different
Polyphenols in 1 Serving!

Revive Reds

Revive Reds is a Doctor created polyphenol blend that contains over 25 natural sources of polyphenols in each scoop, specifically designed to help you regain the feeling of youthful energy! The Powerful ingredients found in revive reds have been perfectly added to assist your body in its natural processes so you feel more energetic throughout the day. Revive Reds is an incredible blend of rare berries and super-fruits responsibly sourced from across the world:
Over 25+ Polyphenol Sources
Doctor Formulated
Naturally Boosts Energy
Supports Healthy Digestion
Sugar Free. GMO Free.