KaraMD® Vital Restore
KaraMD® Vital Restore
KaraMD® Vital Restore
KaraMD® Vital Restore
KaraMD® Vital Restore
KaraMD® Vital Restore
KaraMD® Vital Restore
KaraMD® Vital Restore

KaraMD® Vital Restore

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 Doctor Formulated
*Supports A Healthy Microbiome & Leaky Gut Relief
*Improves Weight Loss, Mental Clarity & Mood
*Highest Amounts Of Glutamine (1,000mg) & Berberine (500mg)
*Non-GMO, Gluten Free, & Vegan Friendly
*Formulated in the USA in an FDA Registered Facility

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What Is

Vital Restore?

Vital Restore keeps it simple by using five (5) key ingredients that work together to restore gut health by preventing leaky gut and supporting a healthy microbiome.

There are hundreds of dietary supplements claiming to help your gut and digestive system, making it difficult to determine which ones are best for your health

Berberine 500mg (No other gut supplement has this)
-Anti-inflammatory and antioxidant
-Antimicrobial effects against certain types of unhealthy yeast, parasites, and bacteria
-Support gut wall permeability
-Promotes autophagy (an important cellular detox mechanism)

Glutamine 1,000mg
-Important amino acid for the intestinal lining cells especially during times of repair & healing
-Promotes healthy bacteria like the bacteroids species which is an important part of a healthy microbiome
-A precursor to glutathione, a powerful antioxidant
-Supports a healthy gut mucous lining

Turmeric 250mg
-Gut anti-inflammatory
-Powerful antIoxidant
-Promotes autophagy (an important cellular detox mechanism)
-Supports a healthy microbiome

Slippery Elm 250mg
-Prevents damaging proteins from sticking to the gut lining
-Gut anti-inflammatory
-Supports a healthy gut mucous lining

Zinc 100mg
-Important nutrient for the cells of the intestinal lining
-Supports the immune system

What Is

Leaky Gut?

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I feel much less bloated and overall I seem to have more energy and mental clarity. Taking this product is the only change I recently made to my diet, so I can definetly attribute it to this.


I began to experience improvements in my overall well being about 2 weeks after I started taking Vital Restore, I'm very please with the results so far and look forward to seeing how much better I can feel!

Beth W

How Does

Vital Restore Help?

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Did You Know?

There are ~100 billion neurons in the human brain. There are actually ~500 billion neurons in your gut. Your gut and brain are connected through your Vagus nerve. Signals are sent in both directions. That means your gut's microbiome is critical to brain health and vice versa.

Vital Restore Supports

The Gut Brain Axis

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Dr. Kara Says...

The goal is not ingredients that actually do any form of repair, but rather a truly unique combination of ingredients that promote and support your body's own mechanisms for repair. I’m a strong believer in building up your body's natural processes as opposed to trying to push things by using outside agents. In my opinion these agents are no different than using a harsh drug, which interferes with the important natural processes that would be better left up to your body itself.

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