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  • The KaraMD® More Energy Bundle


    A $99 value for Only $69.95 + Free Shipping AND Choose a Free Gift – Turmeric Or Probiotic!

    The KaraMD® More Energy Bundle

    This Special Bundle was put together by Dr Kara personally with the intention of giving the overworked body what it needs for peak performance. This helps keep you revitalized and energized.

    Dr Kara always says “We weren’t built for the 21st century”   We go thru life putting ourselves thru high levels of mental and physical stress. As a result our bodies need more key factors.

    • Increased need for energy
    • Increased need for ways to prevent oxidative damage
    • Increased need for essential nutrients
    • Uncreased need for strong antioxidants
    • Increased need for Nitric Oxide (NO)

    The KaraMD® More Energy Bundle answers every one of those needs.


    Digestive Health

    The KaraMD® More Energy Bundle

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